March 22, 2011

Different Types Of Tea

There are different types of teas, from black tea to green tea.  Black tea, green tea, oolong tea and white tea are the four kinds of tea, which is divided into several varieties. Generally, the plant also called the tea factory and the areas where these plants are known as the tea plantations.Since ancient times, tea has been associated with many cultures around the world.

Different types of tea

Black tea: Black tea is oxidized the most among the different types of tea. Pu-erh tea is a type of black tea is oxidized twice, and, therefore, is stronger than other types of black tea. Although it refers to tea such as black, is actually a crimson color, and therefore, the Chinese refer to this variety as red tea.

Green tea:  In front of black tea, green tea has a oxidizes at least a different tea. While constituting only 10 percent of total production and consumption of tea in the world, is closed quickly because of its increasing popularity in regions where black tea is the most popular type of tea.

Oolong Tea: One of the most popular tea in China, Oolong tea is more oxidized than green tea but less than black tea. Oolong tea is divided into different subtypes depending on growing region and the types of tea leaves used. Learn more about the benefits of tea.

White tea:  White tea undergoes minimal oxidation, even if the tea leaves chosen to prepare this variety is harvested from young buds. Most of the subtle differences between different types of tea, white tea has a natural sweetness associated. White tea varieties include white Ceylon, White Darjeeling, Assam, white and black Africa. Studies have shown that anti-bacterial properties of white tea is much higher than green tea. White tea grown in Sri Lanka is different with white tea grown in India.

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