March 18, 2011

What Is Olive Leaf Tea ?

Olive leaf tea is an ancient drink most popular anti-viral, anti-bacterial benefits and cardiovascular disease. The tea made from organically grown leaves of the mission and Manzanillo olive trees are caffeine free and is also attracting attention for its unique taste.

History of olive leaf tea

The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean countries of Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain and often cultivated in Croatia. The olive tree was introduced in California in 1800, mainly oil and fruit. The olive tree is an evergreen botanical known Olea Europea.

The olive tree and the leaves are assigned in the mythology of the goddess Athena, the Greek capital, Athens is named.

Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Tea

The benefits of olive leaf tea are interesting, but the information provided should not be considered medical advice, real or prevent or cure a health condition known.

For years, studies on olive leaf tea have been conducted have revealed curious discoveries. A property in the area called oleuropein, olive oil, has considerable advantages in the ability of viruses and bacteria out, and in promoting energy. This substance is what gives the bitter taste of olives once they have recovered.

However, as noted in the previous page, while steeped tea, olive leaves no bitter taste at all.

In Colombia, the infusion of olive leaves were also used to help sick people back to the tropical colonies. This oleuropein property can also help protect humans too ...

European researchers found that oleuropein has been effective in reducing blood pressure and increases blood flow. This research helps to solidify the Olive Leaf Tea can act as an anti-virus to humans.

Although research on the benefits of olive leaf tea is not in great numbers in green tea, what little data out there suggesting that this tea contains promise for the future.

Dr. Privitera means that the olive leaf tea is not a "panacea for all, but the results are tangible enough that many people continue to consume tea olive and supplements.

Arnold Takemoto, a biochemist, found that the benefits of olive leaf tea is very effective against some viruses more tenacious. This survey solidify the new anti-bacterial properties.

It seems that the health benefits of olive leaf tea has been the impact on many people..

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