April 15, 2011

Some Benefits Of Green Herbal Tea

Nowadays, Green herbal tea becomes the latest buzzword in drinking tea while its health benefits are stated to far outweigh those of original black tea.

Grown and processed in Ceylon, Java, Japan, and other places where climate supports, green herbal tea is brewed by an exposing process the mixed tea leaves to natural air till all excess moisture has properly evaporated. After that the leaves are roasted over a fast-burning wood fire where the harvest is stirred continually until the leaves are moist and flaccid.

The next step in the brewing process of green herbal tea is to winnow the leaves, screened, as well as graded into various varieties.

Green herbal tea contains some benefits as follows

Free radicals are harmful for the body by initiating chain reactions of electron scavenging. Polyphenols and flavenoids rank high in levels of antioxidant activity and green tea is 30-40% polyphenols by weight, making it become a good fighter of free radicals. Most of green tea’s positive immune system impacts are referred to the high levels of polyphenols it contains.Green tea contains the highest concentration of all types of polyphenols.

Protection Against Cancer : Green herbal tea has been indicated in some studies has ability to lower the appearance of all types of cancers particularly urinary and digestive tract cancers.

In animal studies green tea was applied topically to the skin and shown to protect the skin against cancerous changes and slow the progression of skin cancer.

Other research has indicated that tea is helpful in protecting esophageal, colon, stomach, rectal, pancreatic, liver, bladder, lung and breast cancers.

But people who drink green herbal tea have indicated a decrease in levels of cholesterol. Green tea appears to bond with cholesterol, retarding absorption while it goes through the digestive tract. Green tea has impacts of blood thinning as well as helping inhibit unhealthy clotting.

Green herbal tea contents of  fluoride as well as other minerals. The polyphenols of tea indicate good properties of anti-plaque which help bacteria fighting in the mouth. Children are able to drink one cup of green tea a day for a cavity fighting aid. Rinsing with green tea after a meal cleans the mouth and is refreshing too.

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