June 6, 2011

Hibiscus Tea Side Effects Must Be Aware

Like other types of tea, although it is rare, hibiscus tea side effects may occur in some cases. But not for everyone who drinks it. There are some conditions which cause the hibiscus tea side effects appear such as :
  • To avoid hibiscus tea side effects, people with hypotension (low blood pressure) must not take this tea, as the tea is well-known for its blood-pressure lowering quality. People who often drink this herbal tea, according to a study conducted by a medical research center, experience a reduction of 7.2 points in their systolic blood pressure. So this implies that people with low blood pressure must not consume this tea lest, there may occur severe complications such as faintness, dizziness, weakness, or in some cases, damage to the heart or brain.
  • One of the common hibiscus tea side effects may be an effect that may be similar to experiencing hallucinations. Which is why, people who are consuming the tea for the first time, are advised not to go for driving or any other activity, wherein sleepiness may be dangerous.
  • The chemicals in the hibiscus plant affect the estrogen levels, especially in women. So one of the hibiscus tea side effect is hormonal changes in the body. This may particularly affect people who had undergone hormone replacement therapy, or women who are using birth control pills.
  • It is not sure whether drinking hibiscus tea risks the health of the unborn child during pregnancy. So it is advisable for expecting mothers to avoid its use.
  • Certain chemicals in the plant are known to attack cancer cells that affect the skin and the brain. So, people who are already on drugs for treating cancer, must not consume the hibiscus tea. Otherwise, hibiscus tea side effects may occur in the form of an additive effect on the treatment, and worsen the condition.
  • Other hibiscus tea side effects may flare up when the tea is taken in conjunction with inflammatory drugs.
Having dealt with the basic and common hibiscus tea side effects, consume it properly or consult to your qualified herbalist before taking it.

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