November 4, 2011

What Is Pine Needle Tea

You may have never heard about pine needle tea due to it is not something so popular as other kinds of tea like green tea, chai tea, herbal tea and others. However the health beneficial of the tea is also good comparing with the others. 

If you would like to try pine needle tea, you can make it at home. - Firstly make sure to select the right pine tree. Be careful, there are some which can be poisonous. The white pine is the best choice for this. - Then select pine needles which are fresh and slightly greener than the others. - Get hold of these and wash them thoroughly to get rid of all the dirt.- After that chop them till you have about ½ - ¾ cup. - Now keep some water for boiling and add the pine to it.- Let it simmer for 5 minutes and take it down from the stove. - Let sit for 30 minutes to an hour.- The more you boil it, the stronger it'll be. So if you want a mild taste, bring it down after 5 minutes. - Alternately one could also boil the water and then soak the leaves in it after and let sit.- After steeping it, strain the leaves (they can get quite sharp) and you'll be left with a reddish liquid that mild and a little tangy to taste. - You could also keep it in refrigeration it if you prefer cooler healthy beverages.

The benefits of pine needle tea you can get best are :
- Pine needle tea contains much of vitamin C and vitamin A.

- Pine needle tea is very effective to maintain health of your heart.

- Pine needle tea is full of antioxidants in the form of flavonoids.

- Pine needle tea contains strong antimutagenic, antioxidant and antiproliferative properties, which can help to prevent the production of cancer cells.

- Pine needle tea regularly has reduced the levels of leukotrine that leads to asthma in children.

- It has been found that women who are going through menopause, and have pine needle tea, have exhibited less fatigue and tiredness.

- Pine needle tea is also beneficial to fight ailments like fatigue, allergies, depression, kidney stone, varicose veins, sinus symptoms, phlegm reduction, sore throats, ulcers, headaches, scurvy and sclerosis.

 However,even though pine needle tea has many benefits, pregnant women must avoid it.

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