March 14, 2011

Basic Of Oolong Tea Facts

If you want to know more about Oolong tea facts, also known as Wu Long tea or Brown, the tea is very popular vote, because the benefits are plentiful. Oolong tea estates, including green tea and black tea, but we can say that they are more green tea. But a different method of green tea and oolong tea. Let's take a look at some aspects of oolong tea, as follows:

Oolong Tea Facts In History

Oolong tea is more commonly known as the Black Dragon tea in China, which is its origin. There are several legends about the origin of Oolong tea. Some historians believe that Oolong tea was manufactured during the Ming dynasty in the 16th century. In those days tribute teas were those teas that were produced specially for kings and emperors. The tea garden was renowned for its tea in the form of tea cakes.
However, the Ming Dynasty, the dust of loose tea was sought in these cakes. And so began the production of dust Beiyuan loose tea, which was dark and shiny, and was called the Black Dragon. Oolong tea was brought to Europe in 19 century.

Oolong Tea facts In Varieties :

Taiwanese Oolong : The easiest oolong, a bit like green tea, is known or Pouchong Bao Zhong, and is popular in Taiwan

Chinese Oolong : Most Chinese Oolong Wuyi and Anxi in Fujian province. The best known is probably the Tie Guan Yin, which means Iron Goddess of Mercy

Oolong Tea Facts In Caffeine Content :

Oolong tea, like all proper tea from the Camellia sinsensis plant, naturally contains caffeine but the content is not high. Decaffeinated oolong is not widely available. Read also how high is oolong tea caffeine ?

Oolong Tea Facts In Manufacturing

The processing of oolong tea is quite complex as compared to other. Green tea isn't oxidized at all, black tea is fully oxidized, while oolong tea is semi-oxidized types of teas.. Oolong tea is generally harvested in the spring season. The level of the oxidation decides the quality and features of oolong tea.

Oolong Tea Facts in Health Benefits

Oolong tea has a number of health benefits. Regarding questions about oolong tea and caffeine, of course caffeine is one of the contents of oolong which plays an important role in weight loss. Oolong tea also contains polyphenols.

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