March 14, 2011

How High Is Oolong Tea Caffeine ?

Oolong tea caffeine content varies depending on how it is made. Knowing the caffeine in tea is bad for you, read on ...How high is the caffeine of oolong tea ?

It is well known that caffeine is an important constituent of tea. How much is Oolong tea caffeine ? While oolong tea is a source of caffeine, the caffeine content is very low compared to coffee. In general, when you take a cup of oolong tea (6 oz) that you actually consume about 12-55 mg of caffeine. These data suggest that caffeine in oolong tea  is even lower than black tea, which is found to contain 60-180 mg of caffeine.

Factors influencing the Oolong tea caffeine content

Depending on the method should be given to make the oolong tea, you can increase or decrease the caffeine. As we all know, the process of steeping tea is an important step towards the tee. The process involves the use of the tea rich tea or tea bag in boiling water and boil for some time. It should be noted that the caffeine of oolong tea dependent on steeping time. Add to steeping time should be more oolong tea caffeine. Also, tea made from leaf small plant in China has less caffeine than tea made from older leaves of Assam (India) plants.

Is it the caffeine in tea Bad For You ?

Many say that the tea contains caffeine, and therefore it is not good for your health. Well, many of the popular drinks contain caffeine, is to avoid these drinks. This rule applies to caffeine as well. Tea is a good source of caffeine, does not make sense to consume several cups of tea. 2-3 cups of oolong tea a day is all you need to benefit from caffeine. Consumption of 5-6 cups of oolong tea refers to an excessive intake of caffeine, which can be harmful to health.

Caffeine drinks are known to stimulate and reduce fatigue and increase mental alertness. Caffeine speeds up metabolism, thus helping to reduce weight. Since oolong tea caffeine is mild, you can reap the benefits of caffeine, provided that consumption of tea too avoid. In case you also have 5-6 cups of oolong tea, side effects and caffeine bound to occur. So more caffeine may eventually lead to cardiovascular problems

As oolong tea caffeine is not high, aroma and flavor of oolong tea becomes the most favorite drinks in the morning. You can also get the oolong tea benefits information by reading 9 essential oolong tea benefits.

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