March 25, 2011

How Much Is Jasmine Tea Caffeine ?

This article focuses on the jasmine tea caffeine. Jasmine tea is green tea, black, white or oolong tea scented with jasmine flowers form a wonderfully aromatic and fragrant tea that totally refreshing. However, does jasmine tea have caffeine?

We all know that tea contains some caffeine. Many people are worried about the jasmine tea caffeine content  which is why we will specifically examine this aspect of jasmine tea in this article.

How Is Jasmine tea made ?

Originally from the Sung Dynasty, Jasmine tea is a type of tea made by sniffing green tea, oolong or Pouchong with the scent of fresh jasmine flowers. This process is carried out 6-8 times and therefore, the jasmine tea is formed.

How to get the jasmine tea

The jasmine tea is available in specialty tea shops in different forms. They are in the form of tea bags and candy, tea leaves, tea powder, or even as a bullet wound called dragon pearl jasmine tea. The quality of jasmine tea depends on the quality of green, oolong tea or Pouchong used to prepare jasmine tea. The jasmine tea is also available in major retail stores. To prepare jasmine tea, choose from the different versions available.

How much is jasmine tea caffeine ?

Just like any other tea, like black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea, etc., contains caffeine, jasmine tea also contains caffeine. It's clear, because the jasmine tea is just tea or green tea scented with jasmine.. So, the foundation of tea content is the content of jasmine tea, except for the taste and fragrance anymore. So how much is the jasmine tea caffeine? A cup of jasmine tea contains 50-20 mg of caffeine.

In the latter case the liquid is less caffeine in jasmine tea. You can also catch a store of decaffeinated jasmine tea.

If you really want to reduce the amount of intake caffeine of jasmine tea, select high quality sheet of loose jasmine tea, while shopping at the store. Jasmine tea caffeine content is higher in the tea bags than in the form of loose tea, in addition, it also has fewer antioxidants. High quality tea means that you can make the leaves more than once to make tea. Do not miss the health benefits of jasmine tea. As jasmine tea caffeine content is only low amount.

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