March 26, 2011

Introduction To Green Jasmine Tea

Green jasmine tea is exactly what it sounds like. The jasmine flowers add a unique flavor to green tea that many like. It is slightly softer than usual and jasmine also feels good in tea.

Almost everyone knows that green tea itself is very good for you, but what are the benefits of green jasmine tea ? Some look specifically for the Chinese green tea with jasmine, which frankly is not much different from that of ordinary type, except that it actually comes from China. People around the world have been drinking green jasmine tea for hundreds of years for these reasons.

Some of the most popular brands of green tea and green jasmine tea are Foojoy Bigelow. Personally I like the Bigelow Green Jasmine Tea, a bit 'longer and is easier to find in a normal shop anyway. Green jasmine tea is a great way to help the immune system and health, and it is a delicious drink anyway!

There have been several studies touting the benefits of green tea. Green tea, which comes earlier than the more familiar black tea, which results in less oxidation, may have common characteristics. Recently there have been few studies on the benefits of green tea, jasmine flowers including jasmine scented with green tea leaves.

Jasmine is nice herbs with health claims. Given the research on green jasmine tea, these allegations have not been fully covered and people should take with a grain of salt.

This does not mean that drinking green jasmine tea is unhealthy or no health benefits. Many other plants offer similar services, but there is little to suggest that the additions of jasmine tea to create health problems for most people. But those people who take blood thinners such as warfarin (Coumadin ®) should be aware that green tea may affect how warfarin is synthesized by the body and do not want to drink green jasmine tea.

One thing that calls for studies on the benefits of green tea with jasmine concerned, in particular in relation to quiet the mind, is that green tea contains caffeine.

There are also forms of decaffeinated green jasmine tea, but it was suggested that the caffeine in tea can reduce their health benefits

So go enjoy a cup of green jasmine tea now!

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