March 15, 2011

Main Health Benefits Of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea or brown tea, is gaining popularity in the U.S. and European markets at this time. This article discusses the main health benefits of oolong tea ...
Oolong tea is a cross between green tea and black tea. Oolong tea is also known as "brown tea or wu long tea and the tea plant Camellia sinensis, as other types of tea. Oolong green tea leaves more developed and less oxidized in comparison with black tea. This means that the oolong tea through a partial fermentation. The finest oolong tea is believed to come from Taiwan, but China, the country where it was discovered, they also produce some of the best oolong tea.

Oolong tea is linked to many health benefits than green tea. Only about 2% of tea consumption in the world because of Oolong tea. Oolong tea are antioxidants that help destroy free radicals before they can hurt us. Comparative study done in 2003, Kenichi Yanagimoto, revealed that the oolong tea in the possession of the most powerful antioxidants than black tea, but less powerful antioxidants of green tea.

One of the health benefits of oolong tea, it improves cardiovascular health: A Japanese study in 2001 said that one month of regular consumption of oolong tea could lead to a reduction of cholesterol. In other study done by Japanese in 2004, it was mentioned that oolong tea increases plasma adiponectin levels. A U.S. study conducted on rats in 2007 showed that oolong tea decreases blood levels of triglycerides by 80%. Thus, consumption of oolong tea promotes good heart health.

Other health benefits of oolong tea is high and lowers blood pressure: Studies conducted in 2004, said that drinking oolong tea a year could reduce blood pressure.

Disorders of the skin heals: Green tea is anti-allergic properties. The study showed that oolong tea has helped heal stubborn type (do not respond to conventional treatment), atopic dermatitis (skin disease).

You can also find health benefits of oolong tea as helping weight loss: Studies have shown that Oolong tea increases metabolism, burns fat and blocks the absorption of dietary fat. Read more information in diet with oolong tea weight loss

Oolong tea can be served hot and seasoned with various herbs or unflavored. oolongs tasty as ginger peach oolong tea, oolong tea and plum are very popular. Drinking oolong tea will certainly improve your health in many ways!

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