April 17, 2011

All About Rooibos Tea

Naturally Rooibos tea is brewed from South African rooibos plant which has been growing fast in popularity but is still less common compared with other herbal forms and caffeinated tea. Rooibos could be versatile as well as becoming useful drink choice with its rich flavor, health benefits and its free of caffeine.

People Sometimes call rooibos tea as bush tea, red tea, or redbush tea. Rooibos tea plant is native and only able to be found in South Africa.

Different with many other herbal teas, one of the main selling points of rooibos tea is that it has original robust flavor as well as it is free of caffeine unlike black tea and green tea. This makes rooibos become a good choice for individuals who are searching caffeine-free tea as alternative but do not want to loose the flavor. 

Even though rooibos tea contains an excellent flavor on it, several companies of specialty tea produce and sell blends of flavored rooibos, which could include lemon, orange, or vanilla flavoring. Rooibos can also be used as an ingredient in specialty tea blends which is containing other tea and fruit types.

Rooibos tea contains high antioxidant needed for your health. In Japan, rooibos is popular as "long life tea" since its supposed contribution to longevity. It must be known that rooibos has a lower antioxidant content compared with green tea, but due to green tea is caffeine rich, rooibos should be an excellent choice.
Similar with most food and beverage substances, rooibos also has vary quality.

Typically, rooibos tea is containing both stems and flowers from the rooibos plant. Most of the rooibos that is exported from South Africa has a high quality, whereas the lower quality rooibos stays in the market of South Africa, but for people  wishing to get the most out of their rooibos experience should think over inquiring about the quality of the tea they will purchase.

Due to rooibos tea is not so as popular as other tea types, it can be rather hard to find in various parts of the world. For people who wish to try rooibos, the best choice is to shop at brand name tea companies online.

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