April 12, 2011

Black Tea - An Introduction

What is black tea ? that is the question in your mind. To understand the phenomenon of black tea truly, first you have to know a little about geography. Black tea grows well at high altitudes like in the Himalayan Blue Mountains.

This black tea is able to be mixed with Ceylon teas or African teas to make English or Irish tea. The leaves of tea are sorted and then go through natural fermentation. Through this process of oxidation, the tea leaves change from green color to black color. 

Black tea has become the most popular drink in the world in recent years, whether served hot or cold.

One of the main reasons for the extreme popularity of black tea is its nature to sooth. Anecdotaly, tea lovers  have said for many years that black tea able to help calm unsteady nerves however now we can find the scientific research to prove the point.

University College London scientists reported in a study that was written in the journal Psycho pharmacology, found that black tea is able to lower the cortisol levels as a stress hormone  in the bloodstream. The study indicated that drinkers of black tea could decrease their stress levels faster than people who consumed another types of tea. 

One group took a caffeinated tea mixture that was fruit-flavored and brewed of the components found in black tea. The second group was given a placebo that contained caffeine and tasted like tea, but actually it did not contain tea. Also reported by the tea drinkers that they felt more relaxed than the non-tea drinkers did.

As researcher Andrew Steptoe told the news media that Drinking tea has traditionally been associated with stress relief, as well as a lot of people trust that drinking tea helps them feel relaxed after facing the stresses of daily activity. While, in a USDA study reported that consuming black tea able to lower bad cholesterol levels and able to cut the incidence of heart disease for persons who are at risk.

It would be a mistake to call black tea a miracle cure. However, making black tea a habit is able to provide a protective effect against cancer, heart disease, and stress-related illness.

As a result, you may consider giving black tea a try.

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