April 12, 2011

Potential Benefits Of Black Tea

There are some benefits of black tea you will get if you drink it regularly. Black tea derives from Camellia sinensis plant, just as green tea and oolong tea come from. Black tea is the tea variety which has been oxidized the most and includes a tea type that can retain its flavor more than other types of tea. But, black tea is seldom honored much credit for the benefits. It’s right that black tea contains caffeine but the amount is very little even lesser than caffeine content in coffee. Let's discuss some potential benefits of black tea :

Soothes Stress
According to a new study conducted by University College London (UCL) researchers, it is stated that having a cup of black tea daily can help counter the everyday stress of life

Benefits of Black Tea for Heart
According to a study published in February 2009 journal of hypertension stated that black consuming black tea can affect healthier heart. 

Black Tea and Antioxidants
Antioxidants content in Black tea is ten times more than in fruits and vegetables. Steeping black tea for 15 minutes and then drink it unsweetened becomes a popular remedy of diarrhea.

Black Tea and Pregnancy
Tea contains a little caffeine which is not good for the developing fetus as its underdeveloped metabolism can not handle caffeine.

Benefits of Black Tea for Hair
Shampooing your hair with black tea helps darken the hair and add shine to it. To add shine to the hair, people generally brew two cups of black tea and rinse dampened shampoo hair.

Black Tea Benefits for Skin
Black tea is a wonderful astringent. To take this benefit all one must do is to prepare some black tea and splash the warm tea onto your face.

Benefits of Black Tea for Weight Loss 
Tea accelerates the weight loss process by boosting the body's metabolism rate.

Gastrointestinal Benefits
Black tea is also popular to relieve diarrhea and keep the health of the digestive tract due to the tannins it contains

According to Researchers from Berlin adding milk to black tea can reduce its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vasodilating effects . Therefore, if you would like to tap most the benefits of black tea, consider it before adding milk to your cup of black tea.

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