April 7, 2011

Discovering Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea is made from chrysanthemum flowers which contains rich source of vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium, fiber, folacin, iron, magnesium, niacin,potassium and riboflavin. Chinese medicines tradition has incorporated organic chrysanthemum tea benefits for long time.

Chrysanthemum tea is popularly used to cure a large range of ailments. The tea is able to help in reducing pressure of blood which consequently helps to avert other problems of heart.. The cooling ability of chrysanthemum tea has made it is a famous remedy to cure high fevers, influenza and symptoms of flu. 

This herbal tea becomes popular to help digestion of oily food when it is taken with meals. If you discuss about chrysanthemum herbal tea and caffeine then it will be safely said that this tea contains 0% caffeine.
Drinking a hot cup of chrysanthemum tea, it can help to relieve headaches because of congestion. Diseases like tinnitus is also able to be relieved by consuming this herbal tea regularly. Lately chrysanthemum flowers are mostly being used in products of cosmetic, due to their properties of anti-inflammatory.

If you drink chrysanthemum tea for a long period of time. It will help you  to treat skin problems such as sores, blisters, acne as well as boils.. The chrysanthemum tea contains beta carotene which becomes the very best aid to improve sharper vision and to gain a clear eye-sight. 

Drinking chrysanthemum tea regularly is also able to alleviate dizziness and nausea.. Besides, a warm cup of chrysanthemum tea, will also help to ease menstrual cramps.

Chrysanthemum tea belongs to a typical summer beverage for its calming properties help to obviate sun strokes. While enjoying the chrysanthemum tea as a summer beverage, just to add some cubes of ice. The tea can also regulate the internal body heat that helps in its proper functioning as the consequence.

If you would like to Make chrysanthemum tea, actually it is very easy due to there are any ingredients needed.  Here is one of chrysanthemum recipes :


- 50g dried chrysanthemum flowers
- 500 ml water
- 1-3 tablespoon honey, artificial sweetener or sugar


-In a pot, add the water, chrysanthemum flowers and honey 
-Bring the water to boil and bring is down to half the quantity.
-Remove from heat, strain the mixture into a cup and drink at room temperature.

To suit your taste in brewing the tea you are also able to add a ginger root dash to it.

Due to herbal teas are mostly prohibited for ladies in pregnancy, however if you would like to consume this tea, please consult your doctor first to have it and  if you are already on any kind of a medication, it would be wise for you to get in touch with your doctor, before you start to consume such herbal products.

Finally chrysanthemum tea is really safe for you and has high benefit if consumed in moderate. proportions.

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