April 5, 2011

About Healthy Ginseng Tea

Ginseng Tea is one of traditional teas which consumed by people in China and Korea for thousands years because of its good health benefits. It is made from the root of ginseng which is slow-growing perennial plant with fleshy roots.Ginseng means man root and refers to the healing properties of the root.

The condition of weather and soil in the United States and Canada were found suitable to grow ginseng. The effect is there have been big number exports of ginseng to China or overseas of Chinese communities and Korea..

American ginseng tea uses main ingredients such as panax quinquefolium, herbal lysimachiae and radix glycyrrhizae. American ginseng is gown in North America, in the temperate belts like Wisconsin. American ginseng is sometimes referred to as quinquefolium. Ginseng tea becomes possibly the most popular use for Wisconsin ginseng.

Ginseng plant is basically discovered in Asia, however we can also find a North American variety.The Chinese variety is popular for the quality of stimulating, but the variety of North America is prized for the quality of calming. The north American varieties are mostly used to make ginseng tea.

Ginseng Tea has sharp and coppery taste with an extremely strong aftertaste and a bright yellow performance. The Ginseng Tea taste is mostly figured out by Chinese tea lovers as golden.

The tea is able to be made from the ginseng tea cut, slices, whole root, or ginseng tea bags. When using the whole root for cooking or making ginseng tea, ginseng is often sliced or broken into smaller pieces so that it doesn’t  have to simmer for long. The ginseng slices are very well known, as they are already  sliced into thinner pieces and are ready to use.

When you make ginseng tea, you usually need about 2-3 grams of ginseng per cup of tea. This is about 5-8 slices, about 1 teaspoon of ginseng tea cut or powder, or one tea bag. Ginseng tea is very easy to prepare. The ginseng is usually able to be reused for about 2-3 cups of tea and then you can eat it if you desire.

Ginseng tea is useful for short periods; this tea is able to alleviate a lot of symptoms of common aliments and lessen fatigue. Ginseng becomes the base ingredient to most of the medicinal teas.

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