April 21, 2011

Helpful Tea Remedies For Indigestion

For those who are searching tea remedies for indigestion, this article provides you some information of it. Certain types of tea and infusions have been suggested from one generation to another for indigestion treatment.

Some herbal tea remedies for indigestion and stomach bitters that support the liver and gall- bladder has ability to help prevent indigestion if taken before meals. While the others such as fennel tea, can be consumed after a meal.

The followings are some tea remedies for indigestion :

Bupleurum Tea - can help against problem in the stomach region
Calamus Tea - can treat certain digestive problems
Cardamom Tea - has ability to help facilitate digestive processes
Chai Tea -  can facilitate proper digestion
Chamomile Tea - can help relax the stomach muscles
Cornflower Tea - can support good digestion
Dandelion Tea - able to stimulate flow of bile
Dill Tea - has ability to alleviate an upset stomach

Fennel Tea - may speed up the rate at which food moves through the intestinal track
Fumitory Tea - stimulates digestion
Galangal Tea - may fight digestive problems
Ginger Tea - can treat for digestive maladies
Helichrysum Tea - can improve digestion.
Hyssop Tea - can relieve intestinal congestion.
Juniper Tea - usually used for flatulence, belching and other
digestion disorder
Lavender Tea - can help discomfort due to indigestion
Lemon Balm Tea - has ability to soothe and calm a nervous stomach
Lemongrass Tea - able to facilitate good digestion.
Lovage Tea - can treat many disorders of the stomach
Myrtle Tea - can alleviate certain digestive problems
Peppermint Tea - able to enhance digestive production juices for more effective food breakdown.
Rosemary Tea - able to stimulate the digestive juices flow
Sage Tea - can promote good digestion.
Senna Tea - can alleviate constipation.
Spearmint Tea - able to relieve minor indigestion
Tansy Tea - able to facilitate good digestion.
Thyme Tea - can relieve flatulence
Tulsi Tea - can alleviate some gastrointestinal ailments.
Valerian Tea - can soothe the digestive system.

Wheatgrass Tea - has enzymes that may help good digestion.
Wormwood Tea -  stimulates digestive function.
Yellow Dock Tea -  stimulates the digestion function.

Consultation with medical practitioners is needed when you take these tea remedies for indigestion

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