April 22, 2011

Homemade Tea Remedies For Headaches

To treat headaches in natural way, people will need tea remedies for headaches which is made from some herbal teas that have health benefits for it. Certain teas are commonly recommended as a way to treat headaches. All headaches derive from emotional, chemical, or structural disorder within the body.

·         The existence of some bioflavonoids in tea and herbal infusions makes them have ability to interact with the body as well as prevent, reduce and even stop headaches.

Here are some tea remedies for headaches widely acknowledged :

Chamomile Tea -  used for headaches related with digestive upsets.
Damiana Tea -  help treat headachesBoneset Tea -  quite effective for migraine headaches
Butterbur Tea - taken for migraine headaches
Catnip Tea -  effective for migraine headaches.
Black Tea -  used for headaches caused by histamines.Chrysanthemum Tea -  help in relief of tension headaches
Cramp Bark Tea -  help with tension headaches.
Honeysuckle Tea -  relieves headachesFeverfew Tea -  help in giving relief to migraine sufferers
Ginger Tea -  used for migraine headaches.
Yucca Tea - reduces migraine headaches.Gynostemma Tea -  helpful remedy for migraines.
Honeybush Tea - counters headaches due to its soothing components
Guarana Tea - traditionally used for headachesHorehound Tea -  helps sinus-related headaches
Jamaican Dogwood Tea -  effective against migraine headaches
Kudzu Tea - can alleviate headache pains.
Lavender Tea - can help soothe migraines
Lemon Balm Tea -  used for nervous headaches.
Licorice Tea -  helpful against migraines
Linden Tea - thought valuable in relieving sickness headaches
Lovage Tea -  effective against migraines
Meadowsweet Tea - Ingredient in some anti-headache medication
Passion Flower Tea - Induces calmness and fights stress headaches
Periwinkle Tea -  helpful against migraine headaches
Rosemary Tea -  used for headaches associated with mental or physical exhaustion.
Rue Tea - can fight headaches associated with panic.
Stone Root Tea -  helpful remedy against headache.
Peppermint Tea -  used for headaches associated with digestive upsetsThyme Tea -  used for headaches associated with hangovers
Wood Betony Tea -  the best in alleviating headaches
Yerba Mate Tea - can treat headaches
Tansy Tea -  helpful against migraines

While you consume these tea remedies for headaches, a consultation with your medical practitioners is recommended

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Jenifer Harrod said...

Thanks for this list. I will share it with my friends. Although you don't have the one that I know about. Pepermint tea. Use more than one bag two or three and you will find some relief for a bad headache. Also you need some widgets to subscribe by. If you need help with that let me know.

sai krupa said...

Really effective post which is good in cure for headache with the natural terms of herbal home made teas, Thanks for sharing out.

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