April 22, 2011

Natural Tea Remedies For Cough

Since ancient times, herbal tea remedies for cough have been traditionally used for cough treatment by civilizations around the world.

There are two types of cough,  dry cough in which no sputum is evident as well as the wet cough where liquid or mucus is ejected.

Some herbal tea remedies for cough are as follows :

Angelica Tea - can treat hacking cough and bronchitis.
Anise Tea - is a good expectorant.
Astragalus Tea - can help fight whooping cough
Borage Tea - can help treat dry cough
Caraway Tea - can help combat cough and bronchial disorders Chai Tea - can suppress coughing
Cinnamon Tea -  used as home remedy for cough relief traditionally
Damiana Tea - can help in suppressing cough
Dill Tea - can treat coughs, cold and flu
Elderberry Tea - can fight cough
Ephedra Tea - can alleviate cough and other respiratory ailments.
.Eyebright Tea - can alleviate cough
Fennel Tea - contains soothing actions on the upper respiratory tract
Flax Tea - can help in the treatment of cough
Ginger Tea - can help in fighting cough
Goldenrod Tea - can ease whooping cough
Heather Tea - can help against the cough
Hyssop Tea - is excellent for treatment of cough and colds
Lavender Tea - can help in alleviating cough
Lemon Verbena Tea - can be helpful as an expectorant
Licorice Tea - contains healing actions on the throat and can help as an expectorant
Marjoram Tea - can relieve dry cough Mistletoe Tea - can help against respiratory ailments such as cough
Myrtle Tea - can treat dry cough
Peppermint Tea - can help clear congestion and cough
Periwinkle Tea - traditionally used as cough remedy in China
Reishi Tea - can be helpful against cough. Rosehip Tea - effective cough treatment due to its high Vitamin C content.
Safflower Tea - can soothe cough and bronchial spasms.
Slippery Elm Tea - is helpful in treating cough
Spikenard Tea - can help against cough
Tulsi Tea - can alleviate some respiratory problems
Wild Cherry Bark Tea - used by Chinese physicians for cough

You can try the tea remedies for cough at home and also consult with your doctor while you take them

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