April 20, 2011

Natural Tea Remedies For Asthma

The benefits of consuming tea for health is more and more popular. Tea remedies for asthma supplementing treatment has slowly been becoming prevalent in the modern world for the existence of the health properties of nature  Natural remedies are increasingly being used to support asthma treatment as well as those suffering from its symptoms

Here are some tea remedies for asthma treatment :

Epazote Tea - Can be helpful against asthma
Cramp Bark Tea - may relieve symptoms related with asthma.
Chamomile Tea - Able to relax inflamed airways.
Elderbery Tea - Can alleviate asthma symptoms.
Elecampane Tea -  Helping treat asthma.
Feverfew Tea - may help in asthma treatment
Ephedra Tea - Ability help alleviate asthma
Epimedium Tea - can help combat asthma
Eucalyptus Tea - when inhaled, it can help in cough treatment.
Mullein Tea - Contain components that prove in fighting disease of the respiratory system..
Ginger Tea - Ability Help minimize asthma symptoms and other respiratory ailments.
Green Tea - Contains EGCG that is trusted to be potent in promoting well-being.
Gynostemma Tea - Used as tea remedy for asthma traditionally
Licorice Tea -  May help sooth inflammations.
Lobelia Tea - Can be used as respiratory stimulant in asthma treatment.
Lungwort Tea - able to relieve asthma
Solomon's Seal Tea - May be helpful against asthma
Nettle Tea - Can relieve asthma symptoms because of  its ability to combat allergic infection.
Peppermint Tea - Can be helpful in relieving asthma symptoms.
Plantain Tea - Can relieve symptoms of asthma & other congestive ailments.
Reishi Tea -  Effective natural remedy for asthma.
Soapwort Tea - Can help alleviate asthma.
Yucca Tea - Can be helpful against asthma
Spikenard Tea - May help in relief of asthma symptoms.
Thyme Tea - Has potent components useful in fighting respiratory problems.
White Tea - Has potent antioxidants essential for maintenance of general well-being.
If you take tea remedies for asthma, it is suggested to consult with your medical practitioners

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