April 10, 2011

Siberian Ginseng - Benefits And Side Effects

Siberian ginseng which is also popular as santa root or root of life is a spiny and woody shrub with a carrot-like root that includes in the family Araliaceae. It is generally referred to as eleuthero Siberian ginseng and you do not have to be confused with Chinese or American (panax) ginseng.  

Siberian ginseng mostly grows in forests of coniferous mountain as undergrowth or in thickets. A recent addition to Western natural medicine states that actually Siberian ginseng is similar to Chinese ginseng.

The variety of Siberian ginseng is an antioxidant, adaptogen, immune tonic and anti-inflammatory . Research shows it is able to alleviate hypothalamic symptoms-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) depletion, like adrenal exhaustion, sore muscles, and dark under-eye circles.

Siberian Ginseng Benefits

- Siberian ginseng helps improve memory and concentration
- Siberian ginseng  can boost energy levels.
- It is able to prevent blood abnormal clotting
.-It is used to treat low testosterone in men. It helps increase the sperm count as well.
- Ginseng effects of Anti aging have made it becomes a popular herb.
- One of the myriad ginseng benefits is that it can help lower sugar of blood and cholesterol levels.
- It could help avoid radiation side effects and chemotherapy.
- Siberian ginseng can strengthen your immune system and thus will help fight simple disorders such as cold and flu, stomach upset, and can even help manage problem of liver or lung.
- Supplements of Siberian ginseng or Siberian ginseng tea can relieve chronic fatigue.
- Siberian ginseng is able to help fight stress for it has a positive effects on adrenal glands. This will in turn help avoid illnesses caused by stress.

Siberian ginseng tea benefits include strengthening the respiratory system and curbing the bouts of asthmatic attacks. It enhances blood circulation and improves sex-life.

Siberian ginseng is used to cure infertility. One of the important Siberian ginseng benefits for women is that it is able to stimulate healthy function of the uterus in females. It can also increase the sexual function.

 Here is a list of side effects of Siberian ginseng.

-Chest or breast pain
-Increased heart beat, high blood pressure
-Muscle spasms because of nerve inflammation
-Insulin and several other drugs interference
You can take Siberian ginseng in form capsule, powdered, or pill. Experts recommend to take Siberian ginseng for four to eight weeks after that taking one or two weeks off before resuming the dose.

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