April 11, 2011

Benefits And Side Effects Of Guarana Extract

Guarana extract is made from the climbing vine, guarana. As a product which is caffeine rich, guarana seed extract is largely used for stimulating good stamina and physical endurance. For more understanding about this plant extract, it is better for us talk about the benefits and side effects of guarana extract.
Guarana Extract Benefits

Guarana extract is mainly used as supplement of dietary to help boost levels of stamina. You are also able to discover guarana extract in energy drinks, carbonated drinks, as well as tablets. The benefits of guarana extract are as follows :

Cognition - Guarana extract has indicated good results in terms of positive impacts in cognition.

Digestion - Guarana extract is used to fight problems digestive especially irregular bowel movement.

Weight Loss - Guarana extract is able to reduce appetite and cravings for food when promoting the processes of  body metabolic. Guarana extract is mostly used in a lot of the diet pills existing in the market.

Pain Relief -  Guarana extract can reduce symptoms of painful. Traditionally, guarana seed extract is used for a treatment of rheumatism, migraine headache as well as menstrual pain.

Guarana Extract Side Effects

 If you are sensitive to caffeine and xanthine you should get rid of dietary products and energy drinks which contain guarana extract. The guarana extract side effects are observed to a lot of people who have consumed a high concentration of guarana extract for a long period. Here is the result :

Common Adverse Effects - Commonly manifested symptoms for guarana extract overdose include vomiting, allergic reactions,  abdominal pain as well as difficulty in urination..
You should strictly use guarana extract as directed in the product to lower the risk of guarana side effects.

Ventricular Contraction - There are medical reports recommend that guarana extract can trigger abnormalities of the heart rhythm.

Health Conditions - Due to guarana extract contains a high caffeine concentration as well as alkaloids therefore it is able to exacerbate the symptoms of certain health matters such as heart diseases, diabetes and kidney problems. Therefore patients suffering from such medical conditions should consume the extract of guarana under strict medical supervision.

Medicine Interaction - Drug interaction is the worst side effect of guarana extract. Speaking about the safety of guarana extract, there is no standard regulation for production of this extract.

Talking about the safety of guarana extract  there is no production standard regulation of this extract.

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