April 1, 2011

Various Bubble Tea Flavors

There are various bubble tea flavors that are existing in restaurants nowadays! Depending on the different fruits and the flavors, this mixed drink could have varied tastes. These bubble tea flavors could be added either by adding real fruits to the drink or fruit syrups and powders. The variation of fresh fruits, tapioca balls and milk provides these drink recipes a unique flavor.

Various Bubble Tea Flavors

You will not imagine the number of bubble tea flavors you will find! If there's a fruit, there's a bubble tea flavor.

Strawberry Bubble Tea

Who doesn't love delicious and fresh strawberries? For this flavored bubble tea recipe, blend together strawberries, milk and some ice in a blender, and pour it in a glass filled with tapioca balls at the base. Serve it with yummy strawberry whipped cream and enjoy!

Coconut Bubble Tea

This one always becomes on the top of the bubble tea flavors list! Add in ½ cup tapioca balls, brown sugar, crushed ice, ½ cup milk, ½ cup coconut milk and 1 cup green tea.

Watermelon Bubble Tea

If you need some real freshness and cooling, I recommend you try making a watermelon bubble tea.

Mango Bubble Tea

If you would like to learn how to make bubble tea at home using mangoes, follow the same blending process as the ones mentioned above and serve it with some extra cut mango pieces.

Litchi Bubble Tea

Since litchi is one of the most exotic fruits found in the world, serving this delicious bubble tea flavor could be really impressive! Thereby, blend in ice, milk and peeled litchi and serve it the same as the other bubble teas. Like the bubble tea flavors mentioned above, there are a few more impressing tastes too. If you would not like to add a fruity taste to it, there are other flavors like honeydew, chocolate, taro root and milk tea which could make the tea delicious and creamy.

With these good ideas of bubble tea flavors, you could try to make them at home.

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