April 1, 2011

What Are Bubble Tea Ingredients?

A confection that is interesting of bubble tea ingredients, makes the infamous tea, that is easy and fast catching on as a favorite among people around the world. Bubble tea ingredients are simple elements, consists of tea, sugar, fruit, tapioca pearls and milk. Tapioca, which is the tea's key ingredient, is made from the bitter cassava plant to obtain tapioca starch, used in making the pearls. You'll come across how to make bubble tea, and what the ingredients are of other forms this drink.  

The Bubble Tea Ingredients are :

Typically, a brewed black tea is used to make bubble tea. No matter which tea is used, it
Should be brewed and chilled before adding the rest of the ingredients          

This is the ingredient that adds body to the beverage and makes it smooth and creamy. When milk is used, it should be whole milk so the creamy texture is not compromised.

Much like the other bubble tea ingredients, the exact sweetener used in the mixture boils down to a matter of taste. It is not necessary to add a fruit flavor to bubble tea, but many drinkers find it enjoyable. Tea stands will use fruit flavored powders or syrups to flavor the tea and give it a distinct pastel coloring.

Fruit (Optional)
It is not necessary to add a fruit flavor to bubble tea, but many drinkers find it enjoyable. For a more natural flavor, juices or fruit purees can be used.

Tapioca Pearls
The grand finale of a bubble tea mixture is the addition of marble-sized tapioca pearls, or boba. Roughly 1/3 cup of tapioca pearls are added to each cup of bubble tea.

Variation Of Bubble Tea Ingredients
Avocado bubble tea ingredients, as the name suggests, contains the fruit avocado, where the bubble tea takes on an interesting blend of taste, since avocado has that subtlety in flavor, which for avocado eaters, can be a nice recipe mix..  Bubble tea ingredients of this version are.

1 cup green tea
¼ cup of tapioca pearls
½ cup of condensed milk
6 blitzed ice cubes
½ cup of condensed milk

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