April 24, 2011

White Tea - What Is It ?

As the same as other teas, white tea derives from the same plant, the camellia sinensis. Besides being cultivated at a different time than other teas, white tea is rather different because the processing is only a little. as well as it is not fermented therefore this helps protect white tea flavor stands delicate.

Typically there is less white tea grown and harvested than other forms of tea. Even though white tea has in recent time gained such popularity that it's likely we are going to see tea growers designating more of their harvest to white tea.

Because of only little processing, white tea keeps its anti-oxidants in their most natural state. This can make white tea become some of the healthiest tea you are able to drink. Studies have indicated that white tea has the same anti-oxidants like green tea, as well as may even retain more active anti-oxidants than its green cousin. The anti-oxidants discovered in white and green tea have been indicated to combat illness like heart disease, cancer as well as high blood cholesterol.

White tea has also been indicated to increase the system of immune too. Especially, white tea looks to have ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. White tea also contains high fluoride to make it great for preventing tooth decay and prohibiting the plaque formation.

The flavor of white tea can attract tea lovers who might discover black tea too heavy or green tea to have a little of a grassy flavor. Nowadays, you can even discover white tea in bottles ready to drink.
As white tea is delicate, it should be made using water at a temperature just below the point of boiling.

White tea even seems a little different than black or green tea before processing. Most white teas will seem rather silver in loose form.
Nowadays every major manufacturer of tea sells at least one variety of white tea. Delicate flavor of white tea  is most enjoyed alone. But, white tea is also able to be a very good accompaniment to food. Food and tea connoisseurs are now also finding ways to use delicious white tea in cooking, too.

There are a lot of recipes using white tea for sauces, especially for sauces to go over fish and chicken. Since white tea does not contain sugar and fat, it becomes a healthy addition to your food. Now you can try white tea and enjoy it.

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