May 19, 2011

Drink The Wonderful Parsley Tea

Parsley tea is a wonderful herbal tea which is made from dried leaves of parsley. It is generally used as a garnish on several mouth-watering delicacies. However, this herb actually contains many properties that have ability to stimulate tea lovers' health. 

Health Benefits of Parsley Tea
Parsley contains some minerals and vitamins that become essential to carry out important functions in the body and keep it functioning well such as :
  • Induces Delayed Periods:
  • Functions as a Diuretic:
  • Functions as a Body Cleanser:
  • Strengthens the Immune System:
  • Strengthens Bones:
  • Eases Pain caused by Inflammatory Conditions:
  • Reduces High Cholesterol Levels:
Side Effects of Parsley Tea
Several things like using essential parsley oil to make parsley tea can cause parsley tea side effects. Parsley tea must strictly be processed using the fresh leaves of parsley.
Drinking parsley tea during pregnancy may cause uterine bleeding that can promote the risk of miscarriage. This happens as parsley tea stimulates the blood flow towards the reproductive system, that is the uterus and cervix of the pregnant women. 

Taking parsley tea can also cause muscle contraction of the uterus. Also, It can cause some allergic reactions to the mucous membrane. Hence, to avoid possibilities of miscarriage and such other parsley tea side effects, pregnant women must avoid drinking parsley tea, no matter what the health benefits of parsley tea are.

There are also some other significant parsley tea side effects. Lots of them happen due to overdose of the parsley tea which can lead to excessive weight loss, headaches, bloody stools, renal damage, nausea, and  loss of balance.

How to Make Parsley Tea
Tea lovers can make parsley tea by simply buying parsley tea bags existing at herbal medicine stores. Dip one bag in one cup of water and let it to steep for a few minutes. Do not add in any other condiments to the tea. Else, you may use dry parsley leaves, crush a few to make 2 teaspoons, and put them in a cup. Pour water into the cup and allow the leaves to steep in the water for a few minutes. Strain the tea and enjoy.

The information above is all about the wonderful parsley tea to take it properly.

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