May 18, 2011

Learn How To Make Kombucha Tea

Wanting to learn how to make kombucha tea?. If this is the first time you drink it, you will discover that the taste of kombucha tea is similar to sweet vinegar. Here is below we learn how to make kombucha tea from scratch:

  • Purified Water 3 quarts
  • White Sugar 1 cup
  • Tea Bags (black or green) 5
  • Kombucha Culture
  • Fermented Kombucha Tea 1 cup
  • Firstly how to make kombucha tea is boiling water and add sugar. 
  • Let the water and sugar boils for 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Remove the pot from heat and add tea bags to the water.
  • Let the tea bags steep in the water for 15 to 18 minutes. However, you can also let the tea bags steep in water for a long time as well.
  • Remove the tea bags from the water and let the tea cool down.
  • When the tea cools down, pour the tea in a glass container.
  • Then add kombucha culture to the tea. You will have to ensure, that the smooth and shiny surface of the kombucha culture lies up.
  • Then add 1 cup of fermented kombucha tea to the tea.
  • Now secure the opening of the container with a cheesecloth. You may want to make use of a rubber-band to secure it well. This will keep dust, mold, spores and vinegar flies away from the fermenting tea.
  • Now place the container in a well ventilated, yet darkened place and away from direct sunlight for about 6 to 15 days. This is one of the most important step to make raw kombucha.
  • The next step how to make kombucha tea is to check if the tea is ready, you will have to pour out a few ounces for a taste test.
  • The kombucha tea which is fermented for about 4 to 6 days will be too sweet and all the sugar will not be converted. After about 7 to 9 days of fermentation, it will taste like sparkling apple cider. 
  • If you let the tea ferment for more than 10 days, the taste of vinegar will become more prominent.
  • Once the tea is brewed to your taste, you can remove the two cultures.
  • Now you can gently separate and place the culture in a glass bowl covered with a plastic wrap. 
  • Place the glass bowl in a refrigerator. 
  • You can keep the culture refrigerated for about 6 months or even longer at times.
  • The last step how to make kombucha tea is you can pour the fermented tea through a coffee filter and place it a food grade glass or plastic quart bottles.
Now you can discover that learning how to make kombucha tea is easy.

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