May 8, 2011

Ginger Tea Side Effects To Learn

Ginger tea side effects are seldom found. Ginger tea will react with medicines that are prescribed for bleeding treatment. Medications like aspirin also react with large volumes of ginger tea.
Here are some ginger tea side effects in specific case :

1. Ginger tea side effects of over consumption: In many cases, overdose of ginger tea has become common phenomenon.. Ginger tea should be consumed in limited quantities. The overdose of ginger tea can affect the digestive system, causing individuals suffer from nausea, diarrhea and even heartburn. Over consumption may also cause acids production in the human body which leading to acidity.

2. Ginger tea side effects in anesthesia : If individuals have taken ginger tea just before a surgery or have been drinking ginger tea for long time, it can be a reason for certain complications in the surgery. Drugs administered for anesthesia are discovered to react with ginger tea, leading to complications, such as hindrance in healing of wounds or photosensitive reactions and bleeding as a result of interaction with anticoagulants.

3. Ginger tea side effects in patients of blood disorders: Ginger tea could be a hindrance in the functioning of the platelets that are responsible for the coagulation of blood. Patients who suffer from blood disorders such as hemophilia must hence consult their physician before consuming ginger tea.

4. Ginger tea side effect when taking it during pregnancy: : Ginger tea is also considered to be a substance that is toxic to the unborn child. And also morning sickness patients should avoid ginger tea. However, some medical practitioners prescribe ginger tea as a medicine for morning sickness. The issue is still debatable; but the best we can do is to avoid over consumption of ginger tea.
5. Drinking Ginger Tea before Sleep: One of the common ginger tea side effects is that it can kill sleep. It means, if you consume ginger tea before going to bed, there are opportunities that you can not sleep for a  long time and you might also experience a heartburn.

6. It is thus recommended for a person to seek able guidance before consuming  ginger tea on a regular basis. 

Commonly observation stated that ginger tea side effects can appear when it is consumed in big quantities.

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