May 5, 2011

How To Make Ginger Lemon Tea

Have you ever tried ginger lemon tea, and what do you think of the taste and benefits?. Besides used to enrich the flavor of many dishes, ginger and lemon are also used to make herbal tea which is very beneficial to increase your heath and also used to heal some health disorders. Although you can find ginger lemon tea in the market, but you better use fresh ginger and lemon to make this beverage. 
How to make ginger lemon tea?. You do not always have to add tea leaves to prepare ginger lemon tea although this drink referred to as ginger lemon tea. To prepare this refreshing beverage, you will need fresh ginger, lemon juice as well as honey for sweetener. You can also add tea leaves or tea bags as you wish, while preparing this tea. You may also use sugar or maple syrup to substitute honey.

To prepare ginger lemon tea, take three cups of water in a pot. Put it over medium heat and add the lemon juice together with grated ginger (a three-inch piece will be sufficient). When the water boiling, lower the heat and let it simmer for around ten to fifteen minutes. After that, remove the infusion from heat and add three to four tablespoons of honey. Before straining, mix it well and serve hot.

To make ginger lemon tea in another method is to take grated ginger and lemon juice in a vessel, then add boiling water. Before straining and adding sweetener, let the mixture to steep for ten to fifteen minutes. While several people use to steep this ginger lemon tea in thermos. You can also try boiling or steeping the grated ginger for ten to fifteen minutes, before adding lemon juice and sweetener. Add a tea bag, once you strain the infusion if you like.

Both ginger and lemon are popular for their health benefits. Ginger is good for lowering the nasal congestion, sore throat and others. While,  lemon can amazingly tackle cold and drinking ginger lemon tea is thus useful for individuals who suffer from cold. Besides, ginger lemon tea is also good for digestion.
Now, you know the benefit and how to make ginger lemon tea at home

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