May 14, 2011

The Various Lavender Tea Benefits

Apart from its use as aromatherapy and other lavender use such as culinary, now tea lovers can also obtain the lavender tea benefits for health. Here, we discuss about the lavender tea benefits.
which are becoming more popular nowadays.

To prepare lavender tea is quite simple. Take a handful of dried lavender flowers and add them to boiling water. Let the mixture boils for eight to ten minutes and after that strain and relish the amazing taste of lavender tea. It can also be relished by adding it to black tea or other herbs like mint. 

Followings are several lavender tea benefits for promoting health :.

- It is able work wonders to relieve migraine pain.
- Lavender tea also has a topical use for healing wounds, cuts, sores and ulcers.
- Lavender herbal tea has proved to be very beneficial for people suffering from nervous system disorder that includes depression, stress and anxiety.
- Lavender tea benefit for people who are suffering from insomnia disorder are relived to a great extent by drinking herbal lavender tea.
- This herbal tea is also good for people having stomach related problems like gastric problems, upset stomach and colic.
- The calming effect of lavender tea also provides relief to people having stomach infections or bowel infections.
- The tea also has gynecological benefits as well, it can also be used during the difficult times of menstrual cycles.
- Lavender tea benefit for combating dental cavities, infections and halitosis in the form of mouthwash.
- It also helps in fighting with the issues related to the respiratory system like cough, cold and asthma and can be applied directly on the skin.
- Even fever, accompanied with cold and cough can be cured by using lavender tea. It stimulates the body to sweat and helps in reducing the temperature.

So, are you ready to enjoy the various lavender tea benefits along with its lovely taste and aroma?

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