May 13, 2011

The Amazing Lavender Tea

Lavender tea is a herbal shrub which contains excellent benefits that has been consumed since ancient ages..
As tea lovers, most of us know that this plant is originally grown in the Mediterranean, India, Southern Europe, East, North Africa as well as Arabia. However, due to the good benefits, some parts of the United States and Japan have also cultivated lavender.

Various types of lavender plants.

- True or English Lavender : True lavender is also known as English lavender and common lavender.
- French Lavender : French lavender is another popular variety of lavender plant, which is basically grown to be used for decorative purposes.
- Spike Lavender : Spike lavender is the type of lavender that looks very similar to English lavender.
- Spanish Lavender : Spanish lavender is a small plant that can be mainly found in the Mediterranean regions and Northern Africa.
- Lavandin : Lavandin is the hybrid lavender, obtained by the cross pollination of true lavender and spike lavender. 

How to make lavender tea
1. Drying Lavender
- Place the lavender between two piece of wax water
- Place a weight on top of the wax paper
- Wait one to two days until the blossoms are dried
- Remove the weight and take out the flowers
- Remove the leaves from the stem
- Crumble the dried leaves and place into the plastic bag

2. Making the tea
- Add hot water to tea pot
- Place dried lavender into a tea ball and the tea bag to the water
- Bring to boil
- Remove from heat
- Let steep for five minutes
- Remove tea bag and tea ball. Served hot or iced

Benefits of Lavender Tea
- The tea brings immense improvements in treating insomnia.
- As property to alleviate stress, and improving mood disorders to some extent, as well.
- Lavender tea helps in reducing fever. .
- The tea can relieve nervous or anxious .
- Lavender tea has been a boon for treating digestive disorders.
- Treating ailments such as bowel infections, headaches, and flatulence..
- It also works as an effective mouthwash.
- Toxins detoxifier .
- Treating symptoms of cold, influenza or fever

The above information is about lavender tea, and now take it and have fun .

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