May 26, 2011

Weight Loss Tea - How It Works

One of reasons why many people drink tea is for weight loss. The question is how weight loss tea works?. Can it lose weight with only a cup of tea?.As we know that weight loss tea becomes the most popular products sold on the market at present.

Weight loss tea has an antioxidant property called EGCG. It is considered to stimulate the metabolism of body by up to 4% which is acting as an appetite suppressant and delay deposits of fat from developing in your body.

Particularly, weight loss tea can help to ward off some cancers and slow down the development of certain degenerative ailments like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. It has ability to increase your memory and other diseases such as itching and swelling.

Several clinical trials and studies have indicated that taking tea regularly and properly is very conducive to desirable weight loss. The tea can burn calories at a quick rate giving your metabolism a boost at the same time. It can also stimulate regular disposal of waste and an improved digestive system. This is very good to maintain a crystal clear complexion.

Weight loss tea is very beneficial in that it controls blood sugar level. If your blood sugar is high it can make you feel very hungry and you will have the urge to eat more food more regularly. This craving can be curbed by regularly drinking weight loss tea.

Lots of people include weight loss tea in their diet to help with just that whilst they are trying to lose weight. These teas can be taken in some different forms, such as tea bags, fresh leaves or supplements; they are all effective in weight loss.

If you drink weight loss tea after every meal will aid your digestion and metabolism. They can also be used in conjunction with a sensible weigh loss program as long as it is balanced including a varied healthy diet and moderate exercise.

Maybe, You do not think of tea when intending to loose weight, but researches prove that certain types of tea can do such as : - Pu-erh Tea (Yamamotoyama: Pu-erh, Chrysanthemum), Slimming Tea (Yogitea: Slim & Fit), Detox Tea, Stomach Ease Tea (Yogitea: Stomach Ease), All Green & White Teas (Tazo: Zen, Numi: Monkey King, Dragonfly: Swirling Mist White Tea, Stashtea: Ginger Peach, Pomegranate Raspberry, Decaf Raspberry White - and many more) are very good weight loss tea


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