June 10, 2011

Useful Herbs List To Know

You need to know herbs list used both for culinary and medicine as well as therapeutic purpose. Here is useful herbs list to know and also you can grow them in your backyard or garden.
- Angelica : This herb is used for flavoring baked goods, stalks used for medicinal properties
- Arugula : Used as a salad green 
- Bay leaf :  Used for flavoring meat, poultry and vegetable dishes, used for treating headaches and migraines, has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties  
- Basil : Used in making pesto and flavoring soups, it is used for treating asthma and stress related disorders  
- Bergamot   Begamot oil is used for making perfume
- Chervil     Used for flavoring dishes, for lowering blood pressure, as blood purifier 
- Cicely   Used for flavoring dishes in Scandinavian cuisine 
- Chamomile    Used in making tea, has sedative properties and is used for curing  insomnia, for treating skin rashes  
- Calendula   For treating skin infections, for flavoring tea
- Catnip :  Used in teas and in salads 
- Chives : For garnishing food
- Coriander : Flavoring dishes, aids in digestion  
- Dandelion : Stimulates the digestive system, helps to remove toxins from body 
- Dill leaves : Used for garnishing, aids to soothe stomach and provide relief from indigestion
- Fennel : Flavoring in food, herbal teas, oil is used in perfumes
- HyssopFor stimulating appetite, aids in digestion
- Lavender :  For flavoring tea and pastries, Lavender oil used in aromatherapy, aids in sleep 
- Curry Leaves : Used in South East Asian cuisine, as an antiseptic
- Lemon Balm  : Flavoring herbal teas and candies  
- Lemon Verbena :  For making flavored teas, essential oil used in aromatherapy 
- Lemongrass  : Used extensively in Thai cuisine  
- Marjoram  : Flavoring soups and stews
- MintUsed in teas, for making relishes and flavoring food 
- Oregano : Flavoring meat and poultry dishes, also used as an antiseptic 
- Parsley : Used in many cuisines for garnishing as well as flavor 
- Pandan leaves : Used in South East Asian cuisines  
- Rosemary : Used in meat and poultry dishes as flavoring, as an astringent, for making essential oil  
- Sage : Used in Italian and Mediterranean cooking 
- SavoryUsed as an expectorant, also for flavoring soups and stews
- Sorrel : Used in salads, soups and stews
- Thyme : Used in many cuisines for flavoring meat and poultry dishes 
- Tarragon : For flavoring meat and poultry dishes  

Hopefully, this useful herbs list is helpful.for you.

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