June 8, 2011

Wonderful Medicinal Herbs

From generation to generation medicinal herbs have been used to cure many ailments and is still flourishing at present as the main form of medicine. Medicinal herbs are generally used for prevention as well as curative treatment approach to ailments. Medicinal herbs becomes the right choice to healthy living. Below are some of medicinal herbs in daily life :
  • Neem : This medicinal herb is very effective to treat skin disorders like scabies, warts, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.
  • Turmeric : This medicinal herb is used for infections, boils, injuries and accident recovery
  • Basil (Tulsi) : This medicinal herb is worshipped as the purest and sublime plant. . This provides relief to inflamed throat conditions.
  •  Sandalwood (Chandan) : This medicinal herb is a unique Indian plant that has an extraordinary fragrance. .
  • Chinese herbal medicine : These consist of special tonic herbs. These are taken daily to raise the resistance to disease, enhance energy and prolong life.
  • Aconite : This medicinal herb has anodyne, diaphoretic and diuretic properties. The tincture and liniment are used for general purposes.
  • Angelica : This is largely used in the grocery trade and for medicine. It is a popular flavoring for confectionery and liqueurs.
  • Boneset : This relieves the symptoms that are along with influenza. They also provide relief from aches and pains and assist in handling fevers.
  • Clove : This medicinal herb is useful for digestive problems and helps the smooth muscle lining of the digestive tract to relax. It also kills intestinal parasites. It acts as an anti-microbial agent against fungi and bacteria.
  • Dandelion : This is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. The leaves are used in salads and teas and the roots as a coffee substitute. They can treat the liver, kidney, gallbladder and joint problems. .
  • Jasmine : This is generally used for infections with high fever, sunstroke, cancer of the bones, dermatitis, conjunctivitis, lymphatic nodes and breast cancer.
  • Passion flower : This treats the nervous restlessness, neuralgia, anxiety, sleep disorders, irritability and overcoming the difficulty in falling asleep.
  • Summer savory : This has aromatic and carminative properties. This is mainly used as a culinary herb and may be added to medicines for the aromatic and warming qualities.
  • Yellow dock : This medicinal herb is widely used in the treatment of chronic skin complaints like psoriasis. It is useful in constipation and stimulates the gut muscles.
If you want to consume these medicinal herbs, suggested to consult your qualified herbal practitioner.

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