September 15, 2011

Brief Information About Tea

You drink tea everyday and of course you enjoy it. But do you know the information about tea?. Tea is a favorite drink around the world made of camellia sinensis plant. Historically, tea leaves were found in Southeast Asia, especially parts of Southern China and parts of India. Not only it is relaxing but also making you health., if you drink it regularly and properly.

Caffeine Content In Tea :
- Caffeine Content In Green Tea - 8 to 30 mg (8 oz) 
- Caffeine Content In Oolong Tea- 12 to 55 mg (8 oz)
- Caffeine Content In White Tea - 6 to 25 mg (8 oz)
- Caffeine Content In Black Tea - 40 to 120 mg (8 oz)

Tips to brew tea properly :
- Choose the Right Water
- Understand the Requirement for Different Types of Tea
- Handling the Tea Leaves well

Health benefits of tea  : As antioxidants,  containing less caffeine than coffee, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke, protect your bones, strengthening your immune system,  against cancer, keep you hydrated, calorie-free,  increase your metabolism.and others.

Types of Tea
- Black tea: Black tea is oxidized the most among the different types of tea.
- Green tea:  In front of black tea, green tea has a oxidizes at least a different tea. - Oolong Tea: One of the most popular tea in China, Oolong tea is more oxidized than green tea but less than black tea. - White tea:  White tea undergoes minimal oxidation, even if the tea leaves chosen to prepare this variety is harvested from young buds.

Side Effects of TeaThis side effects can occur if you drink tea excessively such as hard to fall asleep, restlessness, anxiety, irritability, stomachache, dehydration, tremor, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dizziness, frequent urination.

Where You Can Find Tea :
- Traditional market
- Supermarket
- Order by online shop

I hope this brief information about tea is useful for you. Be healthy with tea

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