September 8, 2011

How To Make Herbal Tea Easily

Tea lovers need to know how to make herbal tea. It is actually simple and easy. You just need tea, hot water and natural sweetener. You can make herbal tea from all types of herbs such as the flowers, roots, bark and leaves of herbs that you grow at your home. Or you can buy the loose tea, or prepackaged tea bags.

To make herbal tea, - first boil a pot of water.  - Measure your loose leaf tea into a tea ball, or into an infuser when the water is heating up. - Then place it into a cup. For each cup, measure about 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. or more, depending on your taste. Naturally some herbs provide a stronger flavor, and thus you won't need as much, while others you can add lots of them to get a nice rich flavor. If you are using prepackaged tea bags, use one bag per cup of tea.
Once the water has been boiling, pour the water over the tea and allow to steep for about 10 to 15 minutes. The longer ingredients to steep, the flavor will be stronger.

You can make herbal tea in another way that is to make a whole pot by adding a larger amount of leaves, or several tea bags into a special tea pot. You can put the tea leaves directly into the pot, or you can use a larger tea ball. But once again, you pour the water on the ingredients after it has been brought to a boil. Never boil the herbs with the water as that will destroy the nutrients.

Add some honey or other natural sweetener as some herbal teas have bitter taste, but not adding sugar, cream or diary as they can interfere with the medicinal ingredients in the herbal tea.

The followings are some herbal teas that have valuable uses :
- Chamomile tea has been one of the best use as a sleep remedy..
- Licorice root tea can help curing sore throats. .
- Red clover teas are used for women's health in alternative medicine. 
- Nettle tea is used for help with respiratory ailments, urinary tract infections, and digestive problems.
- Red raspberry leaf tea is used in alternative medicine to help women have easier pregnancies and births. .

Now you have information how to make herbal teas and consume it to improve your health.

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