October 20, 2011

Bergamot Tea - An Introduction

You may need information about bergamot tea. For your information, bergamot tea is brewed by bergamot herb which is well-known with native American Indians. The people lived in Western New York and usually made this tea from the dried leaves of bergamot herbs. It is also known as Oswego or bee balm. Bergamot tea has some health benefits and it is much consumed by the people who have health problems such as cold, cough, sinusitis and others.  This tea has several medicinal benefits and is consumed by people with health issues like cough, cold, sinusitis, etc

People have been using bergamot herbs to make tea for 1000 years.  The tea has the same flavor with Earl Grey tea, thus, when it is infused as tea, fresh or dried bergamot leaves would impart the flavor of Earl Grey tea to iced drinks and China tea. The bergamot herb is a safe herb and beneficial  as an alternative to allopathic medicine to treat some ailments such as nausea, clearing sinuses, coughing, etc. The bergamot tea can also treat problems of digestive and stomach upsets. It is also good to fight fevers and chills as well as it can increase output of urine. Furthermore, bergamot tea is usually used for meat preservation and even used as perfume.

It is very simple to prepare bergamot tea. Just take a cup of boiling water and pour it onto a few teaspoons of bergamot herb. It can be brewed from the fresh form, dried form or even the seeds or bark of the herb. Depending on which form is used, the recipe will vary slightly. If you use the fresh plant material, it is necessary to add ¼ cup of the fresh material and leave it for 5 minutes before straining and drinking it. For all the forms the procedure is the same, with the only difference lying in the quantity of herb form added. If you use the dried form or seeds, add only 2 teaspoons of the herb. If you use the bark, just add one teaspoon of bark. Add honey or fresh lemon juice into the tea to enhance the flavor.

The side effects of bergamot tea are the tea can conduce to menstruation stimulation and even cause uterine contraction as well as women with menstrual disorders must avoid this tea. Even pregnant women should not drink this tea. Bergamot tea must not be consumed continuously as well as excessively.

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