March 28, 2011

Green Tea Diet Planning

Have you ever heard of a green tea diet? As the rat race for various diet plans and day diets continues, you can depend on a green tea diet for an effective diet plan.

Green tea is made of Camellia sinensis leaves which are not fermented like other commercial tea leaves. The following discussion talks about the uses of green tea diet and its weight loss enhancement properties.

Green Tea Diet Plan
Originally from China, green tea can be consumed in a variety of ways, either hot or as a chilled beverage. Given below are some essential aspects of a green tea diet plan. Read on green tea and weight loss.

Tips For Green Tea Diet
For any diet plan you need to be organized and precise about the dietary components. Be regular with your daily intake of green tea. If you drink water 10 times a day, try to consume green tea at least 5 times, as it is much healthier than water.
Green tea burns the excess fat you are trying to loose.
More on green tea dieting.

Green Tea Diet Drink
When you want to consume green tea make sure you use natural green tea and not artificial green tea products, as they are high in caffeine. Green tea diet drink contains natural energizers like 'guarana' and 'ginseng' which are not addictive like caffeine. As mentioned above, green tea has an antioxidant, EGCG which protects the body from cancer.  

Green Tea Diet Pills
If you do not like the taste of green tea, you can use green tea diet pills as a green tea dietary supplement. These diet pills are an option to the green tea drink and can be consumed on personal choice. Mega-T is a reliable and well known brand of green tea diet pills.
A green tea diet is a simple and doesn't compel you to follow a fixed diet routine or plan as long as you don't forget your green tea.

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