March 27, 2011

What Is Jasmine Green Tea?

Jasmine green tea is just green tea with jasmine - a delicately fragrant flower - added. The subtle sweetness of jasmine, which is a little less bitter than other teas.

Jasmine green tea for weight loss

For those who still doubt, I can assure you that you could lose weight with jasmine green tea, which of course must be accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise.

Nowadays, the benefits of green tea is well known, and it became a very popular drink tea in the world. Now, jasmine green tea was particularly perfumed with fragrant flowers and is a good slimming tea.

Studies have found that those who drink green tea several times a day could increase their metabolism by an important percentage, without accelerating the heart rate and a faster metabolism.

In subjects who drank green tea for a long period of time, we detected a reduction of 19.6 percent fat and a 2.1 percent reduction of localized fat in the waist.

In addition, studies show that green tea inhibits the movement of glucose into fat cells, so less fat is absorbed and glucose levels are regulated. Thus, green tea not only helps to lose weight, it prevents you from getting it.

I recommend you try this popular jasmine green tea.

Jasmine green tea benefits for skin care

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants called catechins. There are many skin care products on the market that contain jasmine green tea, but green-tea-Expert  suggests you to make your own "Green Tea Soother" by buying fresh bulk green tea, soaking for 20 minutes in a liter spring water, which was 185 degrees, allowed to cool and then spray on your face. You can substitute green tea with jasmine, but only if it contains no artificial flavors.

You should not experience side effects from the use of pure green jasmine tea  in the skin.

Jasmine green tea is always available anywhere tea is sold

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