April 3, 2011

All About The Chai Tea

Chai tea is one of tea varieties which historically came from India, in Hindi word, the meaning of Chai is tea itself. Chai tea is very popular among the tea lovers. It has become a favorite staple in a lot of menus.

Nowadays most restaurants are serving Chai tea as a favorite item, to show the popularity and importance of chai tea. When you drink a cup of Chai tea,  be sure that you would become the lover of it.. The kick you get from it is immense, but you don’t have to worry it isn’t an alcoholic drinks.

The special of Chai tea is  prepared with a lot of spices. The variation of the spices is very special to make the Chai tea becomes very special and has unique tasty.

There are a lot of varieties of recipes existing for Chai tea. Each of these varieties depending on the amount and kind of spices you infuse in the tea. . The particular spices that would be used for the preparation of Chai tea are cloves, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom and garlic.

To add another taste one can also add molasses, honey and sugar. The basic ingredient usually uses black tea. You can use various species of tea to make the Chai tea. You can find the recipes with so simple preparation till very complex preparation. Chai tea preparation is an art and one needs good ability to brew it in a really perfect way.

There are a lot of benefits of chai tea. Here are some of them :.

-The newest studies reported that Chai tea is very good to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Once you drink one cup of Chai tea every day, you can reduce the cancer possibilities 

-Chai tea is very good to get relief from stress and it has medical powers in lowering tension.

-It is a good  medicine of herbal for stomach upset and it is a really digestive agent

-Chai tea is a rejuvenatory. It will rejuvenate you body and mind. One cup of tea would be a good drink.

-It is an anti oxidant which has strong power as a stimulant of immune system and also helps countering a lot of illnesses.

-Chai tea is useful to relieve the headache

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