April 4, 2011

An Introduction To Chai Tea Latte

Even though many people usually think latte with coffee or espresso, chai tea latte is increasingly popular and much consumed.  Not like a regular cup of tea, chai tea is  blended of black tea from India or Ceylon, and  spices as an assortment.

There are pre made blends existing in the form of filter bags, powdered chai tea, decaffeinated chai tea, or liquid concentrate.  All of them are able to be used to make chai tea latte.  You are even able to formulate your private recipe for chai tea and use it to make a nice latte.

When a good deal of chai tea is taken without milk or cream, it is the addition of these to the chai tea that make it into chai tea latte.  If you or your family suffers from lactose intolerance, you are able to substitute soy or rice milk in the recipe.  Usually, people make chai tea latte sweet with honey or sugar, but you are also able to try maple sugar as a sweetener, too.

To brew chai tea latte, the most simplest way to do  is to brew up a cup or pot of chai tea as you firstly want.  It will be best to add milk or cream which was heated to the tea, in this way, the addition of the milk would not cool the chai tea down.  Sugar, or the sweetener you chose, should now be added, and the chai tea should be stirred.  Chai tea latte is a soothing and creamy drink that will help to relax and calm you.  There are even already mixes of chai tea latte which  would only need that you add hot water to enjoy them.

Chai tea latte makes a nice beverage to curl up with on a chilly day, but can also be a great beverage in the warmer months, too.  After brewing your latte just as you like it, you are able to chill it and then pour it over cubes of ice for a refreshing, cooling beverage during the summer.  It will make a great drink to serve at barbecues party or while family gatherings.

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