April 19, 2011

Alternative Herbal Tea Remedies To Try

Tea lovers should try some herbal tea remedies, why?. It is because herbal tea remedies are therapeutic, refreshing and make you healthy.. If you consume organic herbal tea regularly will help balancing in your body due to they are nutrients-rich and can stimulate healing as well as helping to prevent the onset of degenerative conditions.

It is very simple to prepare herbal tea remedies. Just pour off the boiled water 1 to 2 teaspoons over the dried leaves or ground herbs and let the leave stand for 5 to 10 minutes in order that they best infuse, alternatively, of course you are able to buy herbal tea bags.

The followings are 10 herbal tea remedies to try :

- Rosehip can assist to relieve the symptoms of a cold as well as being a mild diuretic and a good all round tonic.

- Elderflower is mainly used for treating of colds, hay fever, flu and other respiratory problem. It stimulates sweating and reduces catarrh.

- Rosemary functions as a pungent and bitter herb which is warming as well as being a natural antiseptic. .

 - Peppermint a popular aid for indigestion but can also help to reduce a fever and is good for treating travel sickness. .

- Sage is often used for helping soothe the symptoms of a sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitis and catarrh.

- Marjoram is found to be a useful remedy for the relief of cramps caused by monthly periods.

- Lemon Balm has a calming influence and is said to help in a good night's rest.

- Ginger is known for its anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory impacts.

- Camomile is well known for its impacts to calming, this herbal tea is also good for treating indigestion, poor appetites and relieving stress and insomnia.

- Borage is a sweet cooling herb which can give a lift to the spirit, alleviating a low or depressed mood. It can also be used for the treatment of fevers, colds and coughs.

The conclusion is in fact herbal tea remedies can become a healthy alternative for you

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