April 11, 2011

Aware Of Chrysanthemum Tea Side Effects

As a tea lover you must know that there are several chrysanthemum tea side effects existing which is able to affect a few people. Read on discussion in this article to improve your information about the side effects of chrysanthemum tea.

Basically chrysanthemum tea is made from dried chrysanthemum flowers and Chinese people use it as a traditional Chinese medicine for thousand years. Many people prefer to have it as a beverage during the meals. However, there are some people who cannot use this tea in any form as they suffer from chrysanthemum tea side effects.
Some people often get contact dermatitis when taking chrysanthemum tea. It is indicated  by symptoms such as skin inflammation, itching and red patches appearance. This can occur due to any flower chemical component irritates the surface of their skin. In this case we can say that they are allergic to several the flower components..
The skin will be highly sensitive while it is getting exposed to the sunlight. This condition is known as Photo sensitivity dermatitis. It happens that a person may get experience photo sensitivity as a chrysanthemum tea side effect after consuming the tea.

Chrysanthemum tea side effects often interferes with the other medicines effects. People who are suffered from diabetes and taking insulin should not consume chrysanthemum tea due to it can interact with insulin. This tea contains sedative properties and potential to reduce pressure of blood. 

Therefore it is not good for  people who are taking medications of high blood pressure or sedatives due to it can improve the medicinal effect of these drugs manifold. And also for people who are under antibacterial, anticancer,  as well as anti-inflammatory medicines recommended not to consume this tea.

For you that are allergic to the daisy family member will possibly get allergic reactions after taking chrysanthemum tea. This kind of allergy soft symptoms causes skin rash and if it is severe then it may lead to hives and asthma.. 

Hence, they don't have to consume chrysanthemum tea. In pregnancy, one should avoid the tea for it is no information yet about chrysanthemum tea side effects whether it is safe or not to consume the tea at this time.

Now, you are aware of the chrysanthemum tea side effects. If you experience problems after consuming the tea please consult to your doctor.

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