April 13, 2011

How High Is Black Tea Caffeine ?

Recent years tea lovers are more concerned about the black tea caffeine content.
The caffeine content in black tea is about 40-45 mg per 8oz, whereas on the other hand, in brewed coffee it is 65-120 mg and in instant coffee it is 65-70 mg per 8oz. 

Therefore, to stay away from the side effects of excessive caffeine, black tea is usually thought as a safer option over coffee. But be sure that you don’t consume the tea beyond 3 cups in a day if not you can suffer from excessive caffeine side effects.

The above information was only to guide you with black tea caffeine content. As a matter of fact, although the caffeine content in black tea is less as compared to coffee, it is discover to be even lesser in green tea ( around 18-20 mg/8 oz) and white tea (around 12-15 mg/8 oz). 

However the decision for whether to opt for coffee, black tea or any other tea types depends on you. Consult a doctor in this regards and get a detailed insight of the benefits, side effects and the ingredients of the health beverages suitable for your body type.

Assam Black Tea Caffeine

Assam black tea caffeine strength is in line with that of most black varieties of tea. A normal eight ounce cup has sabot forty-five milligrams of caffeine. The typical Assam black tea caffeine amount contained in a said volume of leaves has a comparable quantity of caffeine very similar to that of coffee beans.

Assam black tea is filled with antioxidants and nutrients that are not found in a cup of coffee. A lot of coffee fans enjoy switching up their drinking preference to black types of tea purely for the lowered level of caffeine and additional nutritional benefits.

Naturally produced Assam black tea caffeine can help pick up alertness and lower fatigue. Should caffeinated tea not be of interest to you, it is indeed possible to get a decaffeinated kind of this tea: Assam black tea caffeine free.

Assam black tea caffeine is removed typically with the use of the chemical-free CO2 process, which involves a thorough and effective removal technique that leaves nothing behind in terms of chemical residue.

Now you have already had information about black tea caffeine content. Drink and enjoy it


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