April 13, 2011

Various Types Of Black Tea

The types of black tea depends on where they grow and where they are produced. Black tea is processed from leaves of the tea plant which are later fermented. Lets find out more about types of black tea

Black tea produced in various region has distinct characteristic flavors. The other types of tea, like green tea, loses its flavor after a certain period of time, but it does not occur in the same way with black tea. Black tea does not lose its flavor for several years. 

Even though there has been an increasing demand for green tea in recent times, black tea still counts for 90% of the tea sold. We have seen frequently that black tea refers to tea which is served without milk or cream.

Types of Black Tea

Chinese Black Tea:
According to the legend it is said that tea itself was found in China when unintentionally a few leaves of tea plant fell into a pot of boiling water.

There are various varieties of Chinese black tea as well. Tibeti variety of black tea is from Sichuan province.

Indian Black Tea:
Tea is cultivated in some areas across of India. Most of all the varieties of tea that is produced in India, Assam tea is the only tea type that is made on plains. Besides,Darjeeling tea is another famous variety of tea from India.

Sri Lankan Black Tea:
The third largest producer of tea in the world is Sri Lanka. Tea estates in Sri Lanka are located at different elevations, so the tea also has different taste. Ceylon tea or Sri Lankan tea, has strong tones of crisp citrus.

Other Types of Black Tea :
The other areas, where black tea is processed are Kenya in Africa. This tea is the same as the Assam tea of India. Vietnamese black tea has a pleasant and sweet aroma. Black tea is also produced in highlands of Nepal. This variety is similar to Darjeeling tea in its taste.

In short, various types of black tea derives from where the tea is grown and processed.

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