June 23, 2011

Tips On Brewing Tea Properly

Tea has already becomes favorite beverage around the world due to it is refreshing as well as making human body healthy. But, as a tea lover, do you know how to brew it properly? Here is few tips on brewing tea properly :

- Choose the Right Water 
Ensure that the tea you are making is being made with the best possible water. Water quality and taste varies depending on the place. If you feel that the water in your area is treated water and so has a slight metallic taste or a taste of chlorine, then there are chances that you will feel this taste in your tea as well. The best option in such cases is to go in for filtered water or spring water. Try to avoid distilled water as much as possible. Also, use fresh water, not water that has been boiled recently. Also, use a small amount of heated water to warm the pot before you begin brewing tea properly. Furthermore, ensure that you take the right amount of water,  the preferred measurement of water is one rounded teaspoon every eight ounce cup.

- Understand the Requirement for Different Types of Tea 
The most common mistakes that people make when brewing tea is to make the tea at the wrong temperature. Black tea, should be made with water at boiling temperature and should be steeped for four to six minutes. Oolong tea should be made with water that has a temperature that is just below boiling temperature. The water for Oolong tea needs to be steaming rapidly and there should be bubbles rising up in the kettle. The steeping time for this tea varies greatly, between three to eight minutes! Green tea should be made with slightly cooler water, with the steam wafting or gently swirling out of the kettle. The steeping time for green tea is also quite less, around two to three minutes. White tea on the other hand, should be made with still cooler water and should be made when the water hits the very first hint of steam. This tea should be steeped for around two minutes. Herbal tea needs to be made in boiling water and should be steeped for a minimum of four to six minutes.

- Handling the Tea Leaves
When you make tea, the tea leaves will expand to more than double their size. Hence, ensure that there is enough space in the tea pot for the leaves to expand. Brewing leaves loose in the tea pot and then carefully straining them works best when it comes to brewing tea properly. Also, ensure that you separate the leaves from the liquid when the tea has steeped for an adequate amount of time. Do not leave the tea leaves in the water for long, as this will tend to make the tea bitter.
Although brewing tea is easy, you need to understand that the only difference between brewing tea and brewing tea properly, is a little attention to detail!

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