September 29, 2011

Potential Benefits Of Chai Tea

People who like consuming chai tea must know the chai tea benefits. It is originally derived from India and now growing popular tea in United States and western countries as people come to know and feel the positive effects of chai tea for their health  The main reason why people like it because the tea can make them relax and fresh. You can see many chai tea products in the market due to high demand. .

Chai tea is a kind of tea which has been important in the world. Traditionally, this rich black tea is sweetened with milk and honey also includes some spices added. Chai Tea is a creamy drink which mixes all the possible exotic spices of the East together  In order to make it tastier, various flavors have been added to it so that it gives refreshing smell. Several  ingredients that can be added to chai tea are ginger, cloves, cinnamon, pepper and garlic. However, if you would like to enhance the taste more, you can add sugar, honey and molasses

Not only chai tea is tasty but also it has many health benefits to the drinkers. The black tea, a component of this type of tea, contains very rich antioxidants which can combat cardiovascular diseases and metabolic conditions. It also helps in reducing inflammation responses from one's body.

The particular chai tea benefits come from the spices which are used in the brewing the tea. Each spice has unique properties that have different healing impacts according to Ayurvedic medicine such as :
- Cinnamon is regarded to increase vitality. It is also used as a digestive aid and to calm the nerves.
- Pepper is used for improving circulation and healing sinus problems.
- Fennel is used to calm flatulence from digestive problems.
- Ginger is well known to reduce nausea and calm the stomach. It can also be used to improve the circulatory system and help regulate blood sugar in diabetics.
- Cardamom is thought as a warming spice. It is used to aid digestion and decrease mucus, especially in those with lung problems.
- Cloves are another digestive stimulant. 
- Nutmeg, when used in chai tea, can also be used as a digestive aid.

Hope you can discover the chai tea benefits for your health.

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