October 12, 2011

Important Benefits Of Horsetail Tea

If you would like to know about horsetail tea, lets discus it now. Horsetail tea is made from the green parts of horsetail plant. The tea is consumed because It contains various minerals such as aluminum, potassium, manganese and other flavonoids. If you are a tea lover, you can choose this tea as it has so many health benefits healthy you can get.

In preparing horsetail tea, you can use the green parts of the plant or you can buy a tea bag with the dried herb and then prepare it at home. Which ever you choose it will yield you with a strong brew that is effective for your health. For your information horsetail tea has been used for many years to improve the health of human body.

There are some horsetail tea benefits you can get if you drink the tea regularly such as :

- It can help to strengthen the walls of the air sacs in the lungs as well as increasing the resistance. . 
- It reduces swellings : Horsetail tea has good medicinal properties and is very effective to reduce swellings in the body, along with getting rid of water retention. 
- It improves  the health of joint : Silicic acid that is found in abundance in horsetail tea for strengthening the connective tissues in the body and thereby leading to strengthened joints.
- It can promote blood clotting : Horsetail tea makes for a good supplementary drink and is a favored choice for improving women's health.
- For bone health : Horsetail tea helps to strengthen bones and cartilage and is therefore responsible for promoting strong bones. 
- Improving nail and  hair growth : Horsetail tea for hair growth is an excellent choice to make because it promotes nail and hair growth.

Although horsetail tea contains many health benefits, but be sure you have a consult to your doctor in order to check if you have a thiamine deficiency or weak heart. 

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