May 11, 2011

Fenugreek Capsules - Benefits And Side Effects

Now tea lovers can reap the fenugreek benefits in a capsule. Individuals can find fenugreek capsules as 500 mg, 580 mg and 610 mg. The dosage needed to consume it is depending on the purpose. The followings are some fenugreek capsules benefits and side effects : 

Benefits of Fenugreek Capsules
- Reduces Cholesterol
Some Studies have indicated that taking 56 g of fenugreek a day able to lower cholesterol levels in the body, over a period of time.   
- Enhances Milk Production in Lactating Women
 Fenugreek capsules can aid the lactation process in mothers, by promoting the production of milk.
- Cures Heartburn
Fenugreek contains a cooling impact on the body, and becomes an effective remedy for heartburn and acidity disorder.   
- Effective Remedy for Menstrual Cramps
 Consuming fenugreek capsules during the menstrual cycle, it is able to relieve a woman of all its impacts.
- Increases Libido
 They also work as stimulants that help increase one's sex drive. 
- Controls Blood Sugar Levels
These capsules are able to lower blood sugar levels and keep them under control.
- Remedy for Skin Problems
Fenugreek capsules also affect the skin, they clear out boils and acne.
- Induces Labor
Overdue pregnant women can consume fenugreek capsules to induce labor, as it can help in uterine contractions. However, it is not always safe for pregnant women, and should be consumed only after consulting a doctor.

Side Effects of Fenugreek Capsules

- Fenugreek Side Effects on Baby
. The baby may develop gastrointestinal problems caused by fenugreek such as diarrhea and gas.
- May Be Harmful for Pregnant Women
With its capacity to induce labor, consuming these capsules at any time during pregnancy can lead to a miscarriage.
- Skin Irritation
  Some people may be allergic to fenugreek, . This sensitivity should be identified before you begin taking fenugreek capsules.
 - Can Interfere with Other Drugs
When fenugreek capsules are consumed along with other drugs which you may have been prescribed, fenugreek has the capacity of altering the effectiveness of those drugs.
- Gastrointestinal Upset
 Have a soothing effect on the stomach, and actually relieve it of problems such as ulcers, some people show sensitivity to these capsules.

In fact, fenugreek capsules contain lots of benefits. However, be aware of the side effects too !..

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