May 11, 2011

Fenugreek Tea Side Effects You Should Know

There are some possible fenugreek tea side effects existing in consuming fenugreek tea although it is rare. The following are some fenugreek tea side effects could possibly be discovered :

1. Blood Clotting: Fenugreek may interact with medicines like warfarin that slow down blood clotting. This may lead to bruising and bleeding. Therefore, those using blood clotting drugs and also consuming fenugreek tea must get their blood checked regularly to ensure that they don't suffer from the undesirable fenugreek tea side effects of bleeding and bruising.

2. Lowering of Blood Sugar Levels:  If you are getting diabetic and takes fenugreek tea, it is important for you to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly to be able to read the signs of hypoglycemia. Normally fenugreek can decrease blood sugar levels. When taken with other medicines for diabetes, fenugreek may interact with them and cause a drop in blood sugar levels way below safe levels for diabetic patients.

3. For Pregnant Women: If taken in amounts more than what is used in cooking, fenugreek can promote early contractions in pregnant women.

4. For Children: Fenugreek tea side effects include bouts of unconsciousness in children. Even children may have a maple syrup like smell in their urine due to consumption of fenugreek tea.

5. For Migraine: Even though fenugreek is used as a remedy for migraine, there are instances when it has actually triggered the severity or duration of migraine.

6. Gastrointestinal Problems: It may also cause gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea and upset stomach in both adults and children.

7. Allergies: Those with peanut or chickpea allergy have to be aware of consuming fenugreek as this might cause allergic reactions in such individuals.

8. Other Fenugreek Tea Side Effects :
- Fenugreek seeds interfere with the activity of oral medications, therefore fenugreek should be consumed at least 2 hours before or after these drugs.
- Topical application of fenugreek seeds may result in skin rash or irritation of skin.
- Nausea is yet another side fenugreek tea effect which is reported after drinking it.

To lower the fenugreek tea side effects, it is a wisdom to consult your physician before consuming it. 

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