June 15, 2011

How Low Is Caffeine In Tea?

Tea lovers should have right information about the content of caffeine in tea to avoid overdose. .People in the world enjoy drinking tea, but they do not know how much caffeine is in tea. To give you information about it, let's see the content of caffeine in teas :

- Caffeine Content In Herbal Tea - 0
There is no any caffeine in herbal teas. They are made using flowers, roots, stems or leaves of various herbs.  Some popular herbal teas are chamomile tea, ginseng tea, mint tea, spearmint tea, lemon ginger tea, licorice tea, etc.

 - Caffeine Content In Green Tea - 8 to 30 mg (8 oz)
 Due to a unique process, the tea leaves retain many valuable and healthy nutrients like flavonoids, polyphenols, catechins, etc. Hence, the caffeine content in green tea is less compared with its benefits.

- Caffeine Content In Oolong Tea- 12 to 55 mg (8 oz)
This is a semi-fermented tea which renders only 15% of the caffeine. The antioxidants present in this tea are said to lower down the bad cholesterol levels in the body.

- Caffeine Content In Decaf Tea - 1 to 4 (per tea bag)
Caffeine content of this tea is very less because it goes through a process of elimination of caffeine.  Decaf tea is available in many flavors like decaf masala chai tea, apricot decaf tea, peach decaf tea, orange spice decaf tea, etc.

- Caffeine Content In White Tea - 6 to 25 mg (8 oz)
White tea has many health benefits. It helps to prevent cancer and lower cholesterol. It also protects the heart and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Drinking regular white tea provides the body nutrients which promote healthy skin.

- Caffeine Content In Black Tea - 40 to 120 mg (8 oz)
Black tea has a distinct flavor and color and there are many blends of it available like famous Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Ceylon Tea, etc. One can find this tea in any food store.

- Caffeine Content In Instant Ice Tea - 26 mg (12 oz)
Ice tea can be made using various types of tea like black tea or green tea. Ice tea is a popular drink which is made by preparing tea and then cooling it down in a refrigerator. Ice tea caffeine content is high.

This was information about caffeine in tea. So drink and enjoy tea but not in excess

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